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A Note About "Spineful Hosting"

It is almost as if the world is itching for another hosting provider that, to borrow perversely from H. L. Mencken's "The New Poetry Movement" spits upon its hands, hoists the black flag, and begins slitting throats. And, it seems, some of the world would like that hosting provider to be

We are sorry to disappoint you.

Our "Spineful Hosting" concept is not at all about about defying or refusing to "submit to" those laws on the books that cover the protection of intellectual property.  It is entirely about restoring the balance between content creators who publish material that constitutes "fair-use" and habitual litigants who use the complexities of fair-use and the oppressive fee structures of many jurisdictions to censor that material.

On Friday the On The Media blog posted "The Rebirth of Righthaven." (Thanks for the press, guys).  We were pleased to have been discovered but we noticed this passage: was sold to a Switzerland-based web hosting company, who relaunched the website as a web hosting service. Their promise to their customers? They won't submit to laws around the world like SOPA and PIPA that would require ISPs to take down, delete, or otherwise remove content from their clients' websites.

Well, they aren't the first to make that particular mistake.

As we pointed out in our correction request to On The Media, this passage has a very seditious feel to it. That's not us. The passage also mistakes our purpose.

We feel that the place to reform statutory copyright (and don't get us wrong, we think it needs a lot of reforming) is in the national courts. When it comes, however, to changing the established order that permits private litigants to unjustly squelch legitimate fair-use, we simply don't see anyone else biting the sour apple.

If you'd like to see more on our plans, we invite you to review our "Answers to Frequently Asked Questions." Meanwhile,

Keep Publishing,

The Team


On The Media was very quick to post our response/correction to their original post and call attention to it by tweeting the result.  Thanks guys and gals!